Say Goodbye to Stained Fabrics

Say Goodbye to Stained Fabrics

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You want your workplace to look its best. When visitors look for a place to sit they're going to notice stains and dirt on your upholstered furniture. Carpet Monkeys offers commercial upholstery cleaning to help you keep your space looking its best. We'll work to preserve and restore the appearance of your furniture and drapes. We can also take care of air duct cleaning and tile and grout cleaning.

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Upholstery Cleaning Services

3 long-lasting benefits of upholstery cleaning

It's easy to put off cleaning furniture and fabrics, but waiting too long can be a costly mistake. There are good reasons to hire a professional upholstery cleaning service, including:

•Protecting the fabric from permanent damage
•Removing odors and stains
•Restoring the beauty of your furniture

Our goal is to complete the job in an efficient manner at a time that's best for you and your business. Contact Carpet Monkeys today for upholstery cleaning in Las Vegas, Henderson, NV and San Diego, CA.