The Answers to Your Burning Questions

Trust us for excellent carpet, tile and air duct cleaning in Las Vegas, NV and Ramona, CA

Our goal here at Carpet Monkeys is to provide the Las Vegas, NV and Ramona, CA areas with top notch carpet, tile and air duct cleaning services. We use proven techniques and superior products to remove the toughest stains. We can even repair damaged carpets.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from clients. Call us now at 702-561-3560 for Las Vegas and 858-395-6694 in Ramona, CA if you have any more questions.

Can we guarantee that spots won't come back?

Every carpet is different and every stain is different. We keep an arsenal of cleaning chemicals in our vans to remove stains. If none of them work, we can cut out the stained area and perform a patch repair. Patch repairs are our last resort.

Can we guarantee that pet urine smells will be gone?

Our professionals have mastered pet urine removal, including odors. Unlike other carpet cleaning companies, we offer a written 100% guarantee that pet odors will be removed from your carpets completely. There is usually a 48- to 72-hour delay after our extensive process, but previous customers have attested on Yelp that their carpets end up odor-free.

How will you know that we actually cleaned your ductwork?

Our detailed air duct cleaning process isn't performed by many other cleaners in the area. We'll:

  • Remove each vent cover and wash away any dust, dirt, cobwebs and other construction debris.
  • Clean away dust and dirt inside your air duct tubing.
  • Wipe away any handprints once your vent cover is back in place.

We take pride in the work that we do. Get in touch with us today to put our expertise to work for you.