We Follow in Your Footsteps

We Follow in Your Footsteps

Carpet Monkeys provide carpet cleaning services in Las Vegas, Henderson, NV and San Diego, CA

If you have damaged or discolored carpets, Carpet Monkeys offer carpet repairs and cleaning services to get them looking like new again. Whether a pet chewed up the sides of your carpet or a child spilled a drink, our professional cleaning team is ready to get to work. We'll spray a wall-to-wall treatment on your carpets before steam cleaning them to get the tough stains out. For an extra charge, red wine stain removal is possible. We also offer upholstery cleaning services. Contact Carpet Monkeys for residential and commercial carpet cleaning services.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

7 reasons to have your carpet cleaned

You shouldn’t neglect your carpets. Having them professionally cleaned on a regular basis offers a number of benefits. This includes:

  1. Protecting indoor air quality
  2. Removing spots and stains
  3. Preventing the buildup of allergens
  4. Enhancing a room’s appearance
  5. Removing dust mites
  6. Making carpet look and feel clean
  7. Prolonging the life of the carpet

We recommend having your carpets cleaned every six months to keep them looking their best. Call 702-766-9347 today to schedule carpet cleaning services in the Las Vegas, NV area.

Our Carpet Cleaning and Repair Services Include:

Carpet Re-Stretching | Pet Damage | Odor Removal | Seam Repair | Berber Repair | Water Damage | Stain Removal